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The company was formed 1995 as Kola travel Limited by Kent Lindvall. During the years many groups of anglers has travelled to various parts of the world. It all started in the mid eighties when Kent and his wife Britta were involved in aiding and delivering basic medical supplies to the hospital of Apatity on the Kola Peninsula. During these transports, to the then still very closed area, Kent formed friendships with both civilians and military connections. It was not long before he was invited to distant secret fishing waters and found paradise (for an angler)! Kent was one of the first foreign entrepreneur arranging trips for anglers to Russia.

Fishingnorth is today the exclusive agent for the Varzina River Company and it s destinations: Upper Varzina Camp (Trout/Salmon) – Varzina Cliffhanger Camp (Salmon) – Varzina Main Lodge (Salmon) – Drozdovka (Salmon/Sea Trout) and Sidorovka (Salmon/Sea Trout).


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