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"The region around Terrace b.C offers one of the best destination in the world for Steelhead and Silver salmon."

To learn more about TERRACE B.C phone or mail to Jorgen Berggren +46 70 350 6802 or jorgen@fishingnorth.com


In Canadas northeast corner lies the majestic territory of British Columbia. A vast wilderness of dramatic mountain ranges, roaring rivers and lush green forests. The mountains, that dominates the landscape, was partly formed by volcanic activity and glaciers. This resulted in dramatic valleys were today world-class rivers for salmon and steelhead flow. Parts of northern British Columbia is protected in national reserves that make out habitats in large undisturbed ecosystems.


Much of the fishing can be found around the town of Terrace, (about 55 minutes flight-time north of Vancouver) where many of the best rivers are tributaries to the mighty Skeena. The region of Skeena offers one of the best fisheries in the world for large Steelhead, Chinook (king salmon) and Coho (silver-salmon).

The average weight for steelhead is a healthy 9-10 lb and fish above 15 lb is not uncommon! King-salmon are normally round 15-25 lb with some fish over 70 lb each season! The biggest King hooked on rod in the Skeena system weighed over 100 lb!!


Travel, program & map

Find a flight from Europe to Vancouver. You will need an overnight at a hotel before flying on to Terrace. The guides from the lodge will arrange a pickup at the airport and you will have time to by some wine at the local liquor-store or take a trip to the tackle-shop.

Itinerary including travel and fishing as follows:
Day 0: Arrival in Vancouver and overnight at hotel.
Day 1: Departure to Vancouver, meet and greet at airport and transfer to lodge. (approx. 20 min).
Day 2-6: Breakfast at 6 am. Daily fishing with guide incl. transport. Lunch take-away. Return to lodge 5.30 pm. Dinner at 7 pm.
Day 7: Transfer to airport and departure to Vancouver and international flight +1



Accommodation & food

Kalum River Lodge is a full-size lodge with all comforts.  Breakfast is served at 6 am. And consists of bread, ham, cheese, fruits, pancakes, juice, coffee and more.. Lunch is brought on site as hearty sandwiches or hot soups. Dinner is a three course meal of good quality.


Fishing, equipment & flies

Fishing for steelhead and salmon in the lower Skeena area is second to none. Many of the best rivers in the region enters the Skeena upstream the camp/lodge and all migrating fish to their spawning grounds need to pass. Rivers nearby included in the program are upper & lower Copper, Kalum and Kasiks. Other rivers available are Kitmat, Nass, Bell Irving, Meziadin, Exstew and Exchamiks . The fishing-season for steelhead is long and starts already in March/April and ends in November/December. Recent years has even January to March been productive months.

The best season for salmon-fishing starts in mid June (King salmon) and on to the end of September (Silvers). The main fishing technique is swinging the fly in different angles to vary the speed of the fly. A lot of steelhead will also take the fly in slow moving backwaters and in some tributaries it´s possible to fish with a big dry-fly, like a bomber, with a good result.

During autumn weeks the program also offers a great fishing for Coho in nearby Kasiks river. The fishing is a times so good that you can count on 30 or more hook-ups during a day! This is also one of the most scenic rivers in B.C !

Fishing-gear needed are one-handed rods in # 7-9   9-10 ft. Two-handed-rods in # 8-9-10 from 12,5-15 ft. Reels with a good break and min. 150 m. 30 lb backing. Most of the time WF lines or shooting heads with multi tips are used. Tippets from 0,30-0,45 mm. depending on season and fish.


Fly-selection varies from typical steelhead-flies to salmon-flies in size 2-6. Some of the best pattern are: Intruder, Pick yer pocket, Fish Taco, String Leech, Trailer Trash, Steelhead Beetle and Egg-sucking leech. For more flies look at our fly-gallery.



Season: March – November. Please contact us for updated price.
Included in the price: Pioneer lodge: Transfer airport – lodge. 7 nights at lodge, all meals. 6 fishing-days with ground transport and guide with boat.
Not included in the price: International flight, flight to Terrace B.C, alcoholic beverage at camp/lodge. Travel-insurance, fishing-gear and flies, Canadian tax 2-6% fishing-license



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