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The combined travel services offered are a package tour within the meaning of Directive (EU) 2015/2302.

Therefore, you are covered by all EU rights that apply to package holidays. Fishingnorth - Flyfish north AB will be fully responsible for ensuring that the package tour as a whole is met properly.

In addition, the company Fishingnorth - Flyfish north AB has, by law, a protection to repay your payments and, when transport is included in the package trip, ensure your home transport if it or they end up insolvent.


More information on key rights under Directive (EU) 2015/230

 Central rights directive pdf (EU) 2015/2302


Participation takes place entirely at your own risk. In some cases, the journeys can make demands on both physics and mental strength

The organizer is responsible to the traveler for what it is entitled to claim as a result of the agreement. The responsibility also applies to such services that must be performed by someone other than the organizer. If the dealer is a party to the agreement, he is responsible to the traveler in the same way as the organizer.

The organizer must keep the traveler informed of issues of importance to the traveler that are related to the agreement.

The agreement is binding on the parties when the organizer has confirmed in writing the traveler's order and the traveler within the agreed time has paid the agreed registration fee according to the organizer's instructions.

The traveler may transfer the agreement to someone who fulfills all the conditions for participating in the trip. The traveler must, at a reasonable time before departure, notify the organizer or the dealer of the transfer.

The traveler is obliged to check the travel documents as soon as they are received. Any inaccuracies must be reported as soon as possible. A fee can be charged when correcting data.

If cost increases occur for the organizer after the agreement has become binding for the parties, the organizer may raise the price for the trip with an amount corresponding to the cost increases if these depend on:

(a) changes in transport costs

(b) changes in taxes, duties or fees relating to services included in the journey;

(c) changes in exchange rates that affect the organizer's expenses for the journey.

Both the organizer and the traveler have the right to withdraw from the agreement, if, after the agreement has become binding on the parties on or near the travel destination or along the planned route, disaster, war action, general strike or other intervening event that significantly affects the journey's implementation or the circumstances on the destination at the time of the trip.

In order to investigate whether the event is of such a serious nature as stated above, expert Swedish or international authorities shall be consulted.

Fishing North has provided travel guarantees in accordance with the Travel Guarantee Act via the Chamber.


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